Cayman Islands | Travel Diary

Crystal clear waters, delicious seafood, and pure relaxation…The Cayman Islands is a must-visit travel destination to get a taste of the Caribbean.

I was blessed with the opportunity to travel with my boyfriend’s family to visit Grand Cayman. They usually go on an annual family vacation and this time, I was invited! Here are some highlights from our trip:

We stayed in The Clearwater House in West Bay of Grand Cayman. My favorite thing about the house was all the windows and natural sunlight. Even when we were away from the beach, the small details still made it seem like we were there.

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This was my first time in the Caribbean Ocean. I have never seen crystal clear waters in my life! Snorkeling is a must. You’re guaranteed to see coral and fish. We also had the opportunity to stand in the middle of the Caribbean at Stingray City. There, stingrays know that the boats and humans are a source of food. There are over a hundred female stingrays swimming and brushing across your legs. I had a great experience being able to hold and even kiss a stingray! They say that a stingray kiss gives you seven years of good luck. Too bad I don’t have a picture of it ):

One of the things I learned about the Caribbean is that it is a vacation destination not known for their food. It was difficult for me to try something new every time because I wanted to taste classic, Cayman/Caribbean food. My favorite place that we ate at was just down the street from our home called Heritage Kitchen. I loved it for its colors and island vibe.

There were a few places that we explored in Grand Cayman. Most of our time was spent on the beach and in the water but we also drove around and experienced the local life as well as visit Crystal Caves. It was interesting to see stalagmites and stalactites. I heard that there are other places in the world with better crystal caves, but it was still amazing to see for the first time.

Overall, the Cayman Islands is a beautiful place to visit to relax and soak up the sun. These are only some of the things that we saw, but the best parts were the time spent together as family and friends enjoying each other’s company. My favorite part about any vacation is the actual moments themselves–the ones that you can’t put into words because you simply had to be there to experience it yourself. I put together a short video of 1-second clips so that hopefully, you get a glimpse of what my vacation was like.

42 Seconds of Caymans

Please let me know if you enjoy these travel diary posts! I plan to make it a series of all the places I visit in the future. I know a new post was long overdue, but I hope you enjoyed this piece!



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